Techpally educes Fake GPS for PC (Windows and Mac OS)

Perhaps only Android smartphone and tablet users are more disposed to the Fake GPS application. The reason for that is not far-fetched since the app is only available on such devices.

The Mac PC and Windows versions are not available yet, according to technical mags.

That does not mean that having a fake GPS location on your personal computer is entirely impossible.

The good news is that technology has made a lot of things easy. With the software (also hardware)

known as Android emulators, you can download and install Fake GPS for PC, Chaktty said.

As we advance, you need to know that downloading and installing fake GPS locations for Windows and

Mac can be done in two ways. These two methods involve the use of:

Bluestack Android emulator

 NOx player Android emulator

Method of Download and Install Fake GPS Free Using Bluestack

Ranging from Windows 7 to 10 and Mac desktops, Bluestack offers timely solutions to any problem that

might come your way as you try to download Fake GPS on your personal computer.

It is a handy Android emulator. To effectively use it, business ally hinted there are some steps you

should follow. These steps are highlighted below:

 Download the Bluestack Android emulator on your Mac PC and Windows from the official

website available on the Google browser.

 Install it on your device by clicking on it twice.

 A setup wizard will automatically come up. When it does, follow the installation instructions,

and the emulator becomes ready.

 Launch the emulator by clicking on the Bluestack icon displayed on the desktop.

 Visit Google Playstore and search for fake GPS through the search bar.

 Click on install following the app's appearance from the available search results.

 Installing it on your Windows or Mac desktop may take a few seconds.

finishes, it will be indicated.

 The app is ready for use.


Method of Download and Install Fake GPS Free Using NOx Player

NOx player is another perfect alternative to download and install Fake GPS locations for PC.


The most attractive feature that comes with this emulator is its non-freezing capacity.

Apart from that, it is light, efficient, and smooth. You have nothing to worry about if this is the first time you are trying to do this. NOx player is a convenient and easy option for newbies, technically boss said. Also, it is extensive software. Its large capacity allows you to download and install any Android app, fake

GPS location included, for Mac personal computer and Windows.

The gradual steps you should take to facilitate quick download include the following:

Start by downloading the latest version of the NOx player on your Windows and Mac PC from the official

website available on the Google browser.

Expect the installation to complete after a few minutes.

Launch it by clicking on the icon displayed on your desktop.

Visit Google Playstore and search for Fake GPS through the search bar (the NOx player Android emulator

comes with the Playstore icon to enable quick access).

If you access Playstore via the emulator, you will need your Gmail ID and password to download and

install the app.

Following the app's appearance from the available search results, click on install.

Wait for some seconds for the installation to complete.

You can begin to use the app.

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