Please go Home Akutsu-San: Anime adaptation, Released Date (2022)

Do you love to study the manga?

I positive do!

Then you will be positive to love a Slice of life, romantic and Comedy Manga/Anime,  Please go Home Akutsu-San.

A story of a excessive faculty woman Who continually needs to tease Ooyama, Kouta.

In this article, I’ll be discussing the opportunity of an Anime Adaptation of Please go Home Akutsu-San, Yes? There is no reputable affirmation from the studio, Yet.


Please go Home Akutsu-San Anime

os, however it is most in all likelihood to get an anime series. Recently, many mangas with a romantic theme have considered anime, therefore, it’s possible.

Anime like “Teaser Master Takagi San“, “Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro“, and “Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!” have the identical theme of style style.

But, it’s a bit extra “Undergoing” manga, if you desire to name it that, so it’s going to have to be extra generic earlier than an Anime is probable to happen.

One of many motives for Anime is no longer getting an Anime adaptation due to the fact of the lack of recognition and fan base. Obviously, Anime studios are now not going at danger to make an Anime that expenses tens of millions of dollars.

Think about it?

Even if the above factor is valid, that doesn’t give up Anime from getting an adaptation. I mean, simply Look at “Demon Slayer” simply how many of you knew “Demon Slayer” earlier than Anime was once released.

I Bet 80% don’t even understand “Demon slayer” earlier than Anime. Just like that, “Please go Home Akutsu-San” will additionally have an Anime adaptation.

It’s simply a depend of time.

Please go Home Akutsu-San – Overview

Please go Home Akutsu-San Manga

Ooyama is a shy teen in his personal home; however, it’s no longer been like that recently.

After squeezing her way into the condominium on the spur of the moment, Riko Akutsu is now claiming Ooyama’s room as her post-school place.

The slow woman in his classification is fond of dozing at his domestic whilst analyzing all his manga and eating his food and drinks. To make things worse, this is a traditional movements that leaves Ooyama to be continuously juggling her insanity.

While he would love Akutsu to return home, Ooyama’s efforts to get her out are futile, mostly due to the fact his teenage idea has fallen sufferer to her insanity.

When the time comes, however, the playful humour in their relationship starts to exchange as they get comfy in every other’s presence.

Story of Ooyama, Kouta

Mr Oyama, who lives in a single house, has grew to become his domestic into an inescapable area for his teasing friend Mr Akutsu, a terrible female in the class.

He is making an attempt to cast off Mr Akutsu, a horrible pupil in the class. He desires to get rid of her because he fears she’ll do some thing terrible. Still, he’s obsessed with her sexual and charming movements, defenceless and close to the distance…?

She is inflicting him a nagging feeling due to the fact he’s in all likelihood to do some horrible thing. He is worn-out of her insecure and tight-knit, sexually obnoxious gestures …?

He is very confused! Sometimes I’d like to see her back.

However, sometimes, He doesn’t desire Akutsu-san to return to him!

A humorous short comedy manga that is teasing all beneath one roof!

Please go Home Akutsu-San Characters


Kōta Ōyama
Oyama is a 2d yr excessive faculty pupil who lives on her very own however, she has to contend with Akutsu as she’s continually enjoying in his room after school.

Riko Akutsu
Akutsu is a naughty woman who usually hangs out in Ooyama’s residence after college and teases him repeatedly. While she enjoys teasing Yama, she is regularly growing love emotions for him.

Misaki Tanaka
Since center school, Misaki has been one of Akutsu’s buddies. She teases Akutsu about the state of affairs considering that she knows she has affections for yama. Her black hair is quick and clumpy.

Yōko Suzuki
Throughout center school, Akutsu has been buddies with Yko. Knowing that Akutsu has affections for yama, she enjoys flirting with him in order to elicit a response from him. Her brown hair is tied returned into a ponytail on her head.

Aoi Ōya
She is the 20-year-old daughter of the landlady. She turns into interested through yama and Akutsu’s relationship as a lover of romantic comedy manga.

Ōyama’s mother
Ōyama’s mother often visits her son at his flat. She used to be first cautious of Akutsu till she realised she and her son have been dating.

Akutsu’s mother
The mom Akutsu is a girl who visits Oyama’s residence after discovering her daughter’s location. The investigation displays that she used to be an occasional delinquent herself, given that she used to be regularly considered in her room with her future husband.

Please go Home Akutsu-San Characters List

Please go Home Akutsu-San Manga

Currently, Please go Home Akutsu-San Manga has 106 chapters and nevertheless going strong, followers are loving the Manga. A comedian displays two teasing couples who don’t recognize if They like every different or not.

Final Words

Please go Home Akutsu-San will honestly get an anime adaptation someday. If not, they will at least get Animation like “a way of a residence husband“.

Im virtually searching ahead to this Manga, and I will truely watch the anime when it receives released

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