Major Advantages and Principal Difficulties of Android Development

The world is better off because of the powerful apps available for Android. Because Android Operating System is used by more than 84 percent of all smartphones, there are enormous chances for developers of Android apps. Because of this, it is feasible for you to discover a qualified android developer in any area of the globe. The following is an in-depth look at the primary advantages and fundamental problems of developing for Android, intending to assist you in selecting the best platform for the app you want to build for your company.

Major Benefits:

Android development is cost efficient

Because Android is open source, developers are free to build any number of feature-packed apps for it without incurring any ongoing licensing costs. On the other hand, a straightforward SDK construction does not call for increased available resources. The fact that there are free applications that can be used to alter the application also enables it to undergo any number of changes, which further helps cut costs.

Inter application integration

Since Android is a platform that is open source, it is ideal for all different kinds of inter-application connections. Android is the program that should be used since its technology is suitable for any relationship between different types of software, making it acceptable for usage even if you want to combine or cross-promote several separate products into a single one.

Assistance with graphics

Because it provides broad support for 2D and 3D graphics, Android makes it easier for businesses to get customers to download their mobile apps. For any mobile application to be successful, high-quality visuals are essential.

There is a reduced need for expertise.

Java is the primary programming language used for Android apps. If a developer has a solid working understanding of Java and a lot of expertise with this programming, it won’t be hard to get an Android application up and running.

Linux kernel

Because the Linux kernel serves as the foundation for Android, the fundamental characteristics of Android are pretty similar to those of the Linux kernel. Android, based on Linux, provides an exceptionally safe and reliable platform, guaranteeing a hassle-free and seamless environment in which apps may operate to the best of their abilities.

The most important difficulties

UI development

As a result of the fact that OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) build their user interfaces, which are somewhat distinct from one another, it might be challenging for the developer to manage the many user interfaces that are produced.


An application’s performance may be affected by various factors, including its graphical user interface (GUI), memory use, and power consumption. Whenever an application is developed, the developer is responsible for considering resource usage and ensuring that the resources are distributed effectively across all of the apps that need them.


Because Android smartphones are so widely used, there is also a pressing need to safeguard them from malicious attacks that seek to get sensitive data such as usernames and passwords. These kinds of assaults are becoming more common. It is essential that both the data while it is in transit and the information while it is at rest be safeguarded from unwanted access.

Compatibility with older technologies

Because Android is renowned for its rapid changes, the developer needs to guarantee that his application innovations are backward compatible. It is vital to make sure that the application being created operates smoothly, not only on the most recent version of the Android API but also on the ones that came before it.

Hire Android Developer to get regular app ideas like email and calendar that are too fundamental to use an Android developer’s capabilities fully. Thus it is time for company owners to expand their horizons beyond these typical app concepts. Talented individuals are abundant within the Android development community, unlike the company owners who struggle with their lack of creativity and ideas. Put your brainpower to good use and come up with something challenging to do, then give it a go, regardless of how strange it may seem at first look.

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