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We are a full Service of locksmith

Whether you need skilled, but reasonably priced locksmith experts for your vehicle, home, or office. We are the greatest choice you can make. We can resolve any security & lock-related problem you might have. With professional support, you can feel relaxed and at comfort.

How Do You Know If You Need a Locksmith?

There are many reasons why you may need a locksmith, some reasons are more common than others. Locking Yourselfout, Lost or Stolen or Broken Keys, recently moved house, Forgotten Combinations, and damaged locks.

Automobile Locksmith

When a lockout happens, it’s more than a problem&it means you’ll be late to work, your foodstuffs will spoil, or your children will be left at school waiting for you to drive them home. Luckily, Locksmith Port St Lucie offers quick auto locksmith solutions to get you back behind the wheel.

We cannot only help you open a locked car door when your keys are stuck inside, but another car locksmithhttps://kadimalocksmithservicesfl.com/ services such as auto security system repair, new lock installations, and car key replacements.

Residential Locksmith


Your home is your castle, where protection and safety should be a given. But, when lock issues occur, they can disturb that feeling of reliability, causing sleepless nights and a sensation of danger. Rather than moving around in bed and not sleeping, contact Locksmith and key services Port St Lucie. We provide one of the best residential locksmith services in the area.

We can perform lost key recoveries, on-site key replacements, break-in lock damage maintenance, home security system installations, emergency lockout services and much more.

Commercial Locksmith


Contrasting homes that may only have a few locks here and there, a business has a much more difficult locking environment. As per the company owner, you possibly do not have to lock doors and windows only but also other lockable items, such as safes, vaults, filing cupboards, cash records, and more. Locksmith and key services Port St Lucie is your partner for commercial locksmith services.

Your One-Stop Locksmith


We specialize in damage repairing, installing and renovating any kind of locking device. Whether it’s Commercial, automotive or residential, we can handle it. A committed team of our locksmiths is able to go right where you are and recover your keys or even make you new ones immediately.

We serve in the following:

Damage repairs:

Are your locks broken or damaged? Out-of-date or in need of upgrading? Are you worried about the quality or condition of your locks and whether they’ll deliver you with the safety you need for your buildings or secure areas? We provide Residential locksmith services, commercial locksmith services, and car locksmith services. Locksmith and key services Port St Lucie offers a full in-house lock restoration and rebuild service, for the full week. Contact us today to discuss your detailed needs whether remote or commercial. We deal in the following:

Lock installation, door opening, lock repair, and car key replacement service for all types of cars.


Looking to renovate or replace your locks? Whether you need your home, commercial or car locks to be replaced, we can help you out; our skilled locksmiths can handle all types of locks. Our experienced technicians can offer you a range of different lock selections to choose from, conditional on what type of door we are dealing with. Whether you are renovating, replacing or upgrading your door lock, we can assist you with the following types of doors:

  • Front-door
  • Rear-entry
  • Windows
  • Garage
  • Sheds
  • Storm cellars

For a door lock change of any of the above types of doors, our locksmiths in Port St Lucie are here to help you.


At our organization, we deal with wide-ranging lock installation services. Our staff can assist you to pick the best possible high-security locks for each main entrance or door. We have the ability to bring together a wide collection of business and home locks, as well as letter drop, sliding entryway, and office or cabinet locks.

When you trust Locksmith and key services Port St Lucie for your safety and security needs, be certain that you are getting the right-hand and responsible provider of locksmith services in Port St Lucie. We’re a traveling locksmith service and we travel with all of the apparatuses and equipment we need to complete your lock installation at a time that fits your schedule.

Our team can renovate broken locks, upgrade existing systems, and install new locks to guard your business’s valuables. In addition, we can provide a full examination to show you the weaknesses in your current system.

Why have we?


You don’t have to worry if any lock or key problem happens at anytime. We are available 24/7 whether it’s a rainy day or the dazzling sun is upright.


We can help you with any problem, be it a just lockout or lock change or some extravagant security system update. We have high quality, but our pricing is low and we guarantee 100% satisfaction. What further can you ask?


If you need the locksmith professional’s advice, we’re the finest choice – we are available for a free consultation regarding any locksmith and key services.

Step up to Port St Lucie’s best locksmith –to book an appointment call us today at786-200-9094



Christopher J.

Excellent customer service I ever have!

The communication and advice were over and above expected for just demanding 1 special key cut.”

Roman Jude

“A large selection, fair prices and above all a great customer service. A wrong delivery was swiftly and professionally corrected.”

Patrick R.

“The team of Locksmith and key services Port St Lucie was fair, honest, and hard-working. They  are truly professional and I would recommend them to anyone for lock and security needs.”

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