Here Are Some Facts You Need To Know About Robert James Ritchie Jr. – Kid Rock’s Son!

Kid Rock, real name Robert James Ritchie, is a well-known American rapper, singer, and composer. In the 1980s, the musician began his career as a DJ and rapper. He is still highly active in his field today. In his professional career, he has won numerous honors and distinctions. Kid Rock is regarded as one of the most well-known and successful vocalists of all time, and he has acquired a significant amount of fame and wealth.

In addition, the well-known artist is a devoted father to a boy that he had with his ex-girlfriend Kelley South Russell. Kid Rock is not only a gifted vocalist; he is also a good father who has performed his parental responsibilities admirably. You must thus be interested in learning what his son does and how he lives.

Let’s learn seven fascinating things about Kid Rock’s kid Robert James Ritchie Jr. in this article.

Their parents first met eighth graders

Robert James Ritchie Jr., Kid Rock’s kid from his previous relationship with Kelley South Russell, is their only child. The relationship between Ritchie Jr.’s parents started when they first met, in the eighth grade. Kid Rock’s then-girlfriend Kelley gave birth to their baby in June 1993.

When Robert was seven years old, his parents got into a contentious custody dispute over him. In October 2000, Robert’s father finally agreed to let his mother spend more time with him after 10 months. In addition, the filings state that after being granted extra time with him, she was now required to pay $25 per week in child support.

The new deal also included Robert’s mother paying for his health insurance. Even though Robert’s father had full custody, there was a custody dispute because, according to Robert’s mother, she was not allowed to visit Robert over the summer. In spite of the conflict, Robert James Ritchie Jr.’s parents gave him a lot of love and attention.

Additionally, Kid Rock, the father of Robert James Ritchie Jr., is highly unrepentant and has been involved in numerous conflicts throughout the years. Despite these problems, Kid asserts that he is irrevocable because he doesn’t give a “F**k.” The musician confessed to Tucker Carlson that he is not affiliated with any labels or major corporations, which makes it simple for him to avoid trouble.

Studied at Belmont University

Robert James Ritchie Jr., the son of Kid Rock, is already an adult. The boy, 28, already has his college degree. Robert enrolled at Belmont University in 2011 after graduating from high school. He earned a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree from the university in 2015, four years after enrolling, with a music concentration. He also obtained a Bachelor of Business degree with a minor in Marketing.

Robert’s father is proud of him because he completed his schooling and even worked in several different places. His father, Kid Rock, expressed his joy at his son’s college graduation in a Rolling Stones interview. He expressed how relieved he was and how horrified he was at the suffering he had caused his parents. However, we hope that Robert will continue to make his father proud in the days to come.

Has Worked In Various Locations

As previously mentioned, Kid Rock’s son Robert earned his degree from Belmont University in 2015. Robert started working for Apple as a genius team leader in January 2015, a year later. He oversaw a group of more than 15 Technical Repair Specialists there, and they delivered excellent customer service in the areas of products, hardware, software, and education. He was employed there from October 2015 to November 2019 for a total of four years.

In addition, he started his part-time position as a social media strategist at Jimmy John’s in January 2017 while still employed at Apple. His Snapchat channel and content strategy were created there. His work also had over 1 million weekly views. Robert spent nine months—from September 2016—at Jimmy John’s.

Robert has also been employed with Lost Highway Touring as a Senior Business Manager since August 2021. In any case, Kid Rock’s son must have made a good living from all of these gigs.

Is A Future Singer

Robert undoubtedly got exposure to music growing up with his father Kid Rock, one of the greatest vocalists of all time. He must have grown interested in music after witnessing his father’s success in the music industry. Robert Kid Rock, Kid Rock’s son, decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and pursue a career as a singer.

We can see from Robert’s Instagram that he has posted numerous singing videos. Additionally, he has original compositions in addition to singing covers. His catalog of songs includes the R&B ballad All Alone from 2017 and the raucous hip-hop hit Bad from January 2018.

Moreover, Ecstacy, the lead song from Robert’s debut album, was made public in July 2018. His girlfriend is featured in the cheerful R&B-influenced love tune. Similar to him, his father tweeted about his music. The first song from his son’s debut album had just been released, the man wrote. Robert’s singing ability was even mentioned, and he is proud of him.

Nevertheless, we hope Robert finds success in his musical endeavors and rises to fame in the near future.

Son of Kid Rock Launches Own Clothing Line

Robert Kid Rock, Kid Rock’s son, launched his own clothing brand in addition to his musical career. He debuted his own apparel line, Skull Feather, in July 2017. He established Skull Feather LLC a month earlier, in June 2017, and serves as its founder and CEO.

Robert, the company’s CE,O and founder, handles all internal supply chain, advertising, product development, partnership, and sales activities. Similar to that, he co-founded Sky Ventures LLC in November 2021.

Men’s and women’s apparel and accessories are available under the Robert’s clothing brand. Let’s hope his brand gains a lot of traction and he earns a solid living.

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His High School Sweetheart’s Wife

We did, however, discuss Robert’s career. What about his love life or personal life, though? His romantic life is equally as successful as his lucrative professional career. With a woman named Marisa Trovato, he enjoys a happy marriage.

Robert, the son of Kid Rock, first met his future wife Marisa in high school. They started dating after immediately feeling a connection. They had no idea that their high school romance or their union would lead to marriage in the future. He proposed to his high school girlfriend on April 17, 2019, after they had been dating for a while. She said yes.

Robert and Marisa exchanged vows on October 2, 2021, two years later. Their wedding was attended by friends and family. Additionally, the newlyweds posted photos from their wedding on their individual social media accounts. The pair openly expresses their affection for one another on Instagram since they are so in love with one another. We wish them a long and happy marriage.

Although Robert and his high school sweetheart only recently got married, he became a father more than five years ago. He and his fiancée Marisa welcomed their daughter Skye Noelle Ritchie on December 25, 2014.

Us Weekly reported on their pregnancy in August 2014, however they withheld the identity of the expectant mother. Robert, Kid Rock’s son, frequently uploads multiple images of his daughter. Similar to this, Marisa also distributes several images of their child. However, Robert seems to be doing well in his life, and we wish him nothing but the best for the days to come.

Meaning of the Name: Robert James

The meaning of the name Robert is Bright Fame and it has English origins. Similar to this, the Hebrew root of the female name James is Supplanter.

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