Garage Door Repair Services

Repairing those creaky, stubborn, and rigid garage doors that come between you and your car can be a difficult task to repair. They can give you a tough time, so we are here to solve all your garage problems.

We have been fixing these obnoxious garage doors for about twenty years now, and have served numerous satisfied customers. We can provide expert garage door repair services in Tampa at a reasonable price.

Services Offered by us

The heart of a garage door is the spring on which it operates, and the tension it maintains. Whether it’s an overhead garage door or a rolling one; they all operate through spring’s tension.

A technician needs to maintain the perfect spring tension while installing the garage door, and review it after installation. We offer the best garage door installation experts in Tampa, who will install your garage door with the care it needs.

We offer the best garage door insulation services in Tampa, we can transform your level-1 door – which has no insulation, into an efficient, durable and silent piece of equipment.

A garage door is important because it’s a part of the façade of your home, so a well-insulated garage door will improve your first impression on your guests.

Some of the Common Problems with Garage Doors

Normal quality springs are usually built for giving 10,000 cycles, one cycle is completed when the door is opened and then closed. After that, it ceases to work properly and requires replacement.

But here at Fixing Driveways Gates Motors & Garage Door Repair, Tampa, we only use our premium quality self-designed springs that are more durable as compared to any other normal spring.

We also have experts for automatic garage door devices, they are masters when it comes to solving any malfunction. They will willingly make any adjustments that are needed for the garage door effortless and well-aligned.

Our Products

What we use in our services, we also sell . We have section joints, bottom brackets, cable drums, torsion springs, and everything.

We can install extension springs; this will make your door compact as one door is mounted to the other and when it opens it becomes perpendicular. It saves up the extra space and is recommended if your space is limited.

We can also connect remote controls to your garage door; this will open up your door smoothly just by pressing a single button on your hand-held device. If you’re tech-savvy, then we can install photoelectric eyes and sensing edges that detect the presence of people and open the garage door automatically.

We also hold a garage door sale every month, in this sale you will find well-designed and well-manufactured garage doors at discounted prices. Don’t forget to check it out.

You can visit us in Tampa and Call us for more detail: (813) 694-5001.


I was amazed by how quickly these people solved my issue. My garage door was giving me a pain in my head, well thanks! For saving my head. I will recommend the service to friends. (Hank Aaron)

Wow! Great job with that insulating, my garage was screeching and making stupid noises.

Every time it went up, the noise disturbed my mental peace. Now you people have helped me. Thanks (Anthony Piers)

Man, you people are professionals. Every time I call anyone for services, I see how much mess they make, but you people did the job neatly. (Ernie Banks)

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