Extraordinary Uses For Animations In Your Marketing Strategy

The marketing department at your company is constantly brainstorming new methods to tell the story of your business. They need something exciting, interesting, and entertaining to attract visitors to the website or the new product.

Brands may save money and time while providing a more engaging experience for their target audience by using animation to communicate their messages. A short brand animation in an email campaign is just one example of how animation may be included in a marketing strategy.

Should You Be Using Animation?

In this article, we will examine motion graphics, a type of animated marketing material that has proven especially successful. Motion graphics are an animated form of digital media that uses both visuals and sound to convey meaning to the viewer. Music, voice-over, or both can be included; this format is frequently used in commercials and the opening sequences of movies and TV shows like Mad Men.

Let’s talk about some of the ways in which you could employ motion graphics to express your company’s story.

  1. Brand Animations

The goal of creating a brand animation is to quickly and effectively convey your company’s values and mission to potential customers. It goes beyond explaining in words and writing and also employs pictures and music to elicit an emotional reaction from your audience. Whether you’re outfitting your rock band or your home in shabby chic, the animation’s smooth and continuous item flow will give you peace of mind.

A brand animation might live on your website homepage or be a component of client presentations. They are helpful anytime you want people to know more about your organization, your culture, and your line of products.

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Customers can better grasp the benefits of your offering with the aid of an animated explainer. It may explain how to take advantage of a certain feature of a product or address frequently asked concerns about a service. It typically consists of the following four sections:

  • The problem,
  • The answer (your product or service)
  • The explanation of the methodology
  • The urging for action

Animated explainers have a wide range of applications, including but not limited to your company’s website, social media, and email marketing. Keep in mind that these videos need to get to the point fast and appeal directly to your target audience. An easy way to achieve this is by collaborating with a professional video animation company, like Glowza Digital or Yum Yum videos. If you are planning to upload the explainer to your social media networks, it should be no more than one minute.

  1. 3D Animation

The term “3D animation” describes the practice of generating animated, three-dimensional visuals that exist entirely on a computer. Why does this matter? Industries, where a realistic image can help sell a product or service include those dealing with building and infrastructure, healthcare, design, and the built environment. Employees, industry colleagues, and customers all benefit from a more complete picture thanks to the enhanced realism provided by the 3D animation of a product, service, or place.

Commercials for technology, especially consumer electronics, frequently feature 3D animation. The 3D animation in the most recent cell phone commercial probably left you drooling. In this animated short for Rubbermaid’s Enhance garbage cans, we see how the technology can be used to give everyday items a boost. Imagine what 3D animation could do for your product if it could even make a trash can appealing.

  1. Micro-Animations

Micro-animations are brief, interactive animations that appear when the user interacts with a particular page element. They are used to provide visual clues and directions to the user. Facebook’s “like” button is a widely recognized example of micro-animation. Hovering over the button on a computer or holding it down on a mobile device brings up a selection of emoticons that can be used to express surprise, amusement, or grief.

You can use micro-animations in web design to show consumers the effects of the desired action. Like turning a button into a contact form when the mouse hovers over it, or displaying progress, like an animated bar showing the percentage of your application still left to download. It’s especially helpful in designing for mobile devices, where real estate for things like images, buttons, and icons is at a premium. Users will have an easier time navigating your site and will stay there longer.

  1. Animated GIFs

In today’s world, a decent GIF can go a long way.

Companies are increasingly turning to GIFs as a means of attracting attention on social media. And showcasing their humorous company culture. But animated GIFs can be used for so much more in marketing than simply reusing memes. If you want to get the word out about a new offering or quick sale, try making some animated GIFs. GIFs aren’t just powerful on social media; they can also be beneficial to attract readers’ attention. Either be it in an email or a blog article.

Photoshop, Giphy, and the Instagram app Boomerang are just some of the apps that make creating GIFs a breeze. Just keep in mind that they need to be brief and straightforward. Or else they won’t load on some platforms, including email.

Using GIFs to play with animation is a risk-free and inexpensive option. Why not try incorporating one into your next social media or email campaign and see how your audience reacts?

Extra: Stay Away From The Chalkboard

UPS’s whiteboard ad was really memorable. Everyone wanted to emulate it since it was so original and entertaining to watch. In fact, whiteboard commercials are so common that they are sometimes the first thing that comes to mind for businesses when the word “animation” arises. Unfortunately, like with any trend that becomes popular, an abundance of low-quality, low-budget production methods emerge. Whiteboard animation has become old and gimmicky since the first UPS commercial aired more than a decade ago. However, if you still want to opt for Whiteboard Animation Video, then Glowza Digital is your go-to. Why? Because they take even the most basic whiteboard animation and turn it into something eye-catching.

An established studio can create polished, cutting-edge, and interesting motion graphics animation. If you want your business to stand out, why not solicit their imagination for a new, original idea?

To Sum It Up…

We’ve discussed the benefits of using video in your marketing approach. Including how testimonial and interview videos can be very effective.

Brand videos, product demonstrations, and enhanced user interfaces are just a few examples.

Overall, an animation may help convey your company’s narrative. Especially if attracting and holding the audience’s interest is the mission.

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