“What is duonao tv?” Why is this important?

DuonaoTV is an online TV streaming platform that is a part of duonao.com, a leading video streaming site in China. The service allows viewers to watch free online content on the Internet. It also allows them to sign up for premium membership services, to view HD quality content on their desktop and mobile devices.


  1. A look at Duonao’s website

Duonao is a small eCommerce store based in Shanghai, China. We met with founder and CEO Zhang Zhemin when he was in Seattle to speak at the Seattle CXA Summit. At the time, Duonao was already a year into their growth story—they’d crossed 20k registered users, doubled in size, and were planning on expanding to 3 additional countries.


  1. What sets Duonao apart from other review sites?

Duonao is not just another review site. It’s a review site for local businesses, small businesses, and entrepreneurs who are looking for a review site where the reviews are both genuine and unbiased. We strive to only publish honest, quality reviews.

Reviewing a service or product is a crucial part of any consumer’s buying journey. But when it comes to reviewing online businesses, there’s no clear answer to the question: what makes a good review? In fact, there’s even no standard definition of what a “good” review actually is. Duonao’s got some insight into this, so we’re sharing the 3 things that make a great online review:

  1. How does Duonao differ from Google’s reviews?

Duonao is like Google’s reviews, except: – it’s private and confidential – it’s not limited by geography, so no matter where your business is located, we’re happy to help you find out what people think of your business. – We’re only interested in positive reviews, which makes our feedback truly unbiased. – Duonao doesn’t require users to leave any details about their review – this makes it easier to get the details and specifics of their experience.

Google’s reviews are a great place to get a feel for the reputation of a business. However, these reviews don’t always give you a good idea about the quality of the customer service you can expect. Duonao gives you that insight before you even start looking for a business.


  1. Are there enough quality reviewers on the platform?

When you build a content-centric site, you’re going to get a lot of comments and feedback from visitors. This can be positive or negative. A lot of webmasters want the comments to be positive—they want more people to come back to their site. They want to be seen as an authority or experts. They want to attract traffic and subscribers.

The average online review is only 2 minutes long. A lot happens in the first minute of a transaction. Do you have the time to read through a long review before making your purchasing decision?

  1. How can you get started?

Introduction: One of the biggest mistakes I see people make when trying to grow their own business is to go after huge goals all at once. This can be especially hard if you’re starting from scratch, without any experience, but it’s essential that you start slowly. Don’t go after too much at once. Start by looking at your current situation. What do you need to do right now to get to the next step? Once you know what that is, you can start to think about what else you can do in order to move closer to your goal.




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