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The idea of Stadia sounded really good back when I first heard about it. I imagined spending quality time with my family playing video games while also streaming all sorts of other content. However, there was one small problem—I didn’t own a Chromecast. I could only play games on my TV if I had a Chromecast plugged in. So, why not buy a Chromecast and stream games on my TV? Well, it turns out, that wasn’t the end of the story. Google announced that Stadia would support Android smartphones. This was a huge surprise since the Stadia controllers were only for PCs, Macs, and laptops.

1. Google May Unlock Stadia Controller on Android

What’s the best part about Stadia? That’s easy, the controllers. You’ll get one of four Stadia controllers to play games on Stadia, the Google-built streaming gaming platform. There are two versions of the controllers: the standard and pro. Both models are wireless and include a controller-sized remote. The standard version has a trackpad, whereas the pro model has buttons.

This is a very cool development because Google’s Stadia is a game streaming service that provides access to games that are streamed from the cloud. One of the main benefits of Stadia is that you can play games from anywhere. Google’s controller for Stadia allows users to use it on both PC and Android devices.


2. Stadia Controller Appears in Latest Photos from Google I/O

The stadia controller that’s been rumored for quite some time is finally coming to market. On Tuesday at Google I/O, Google announced that it would be releasing the Stadia Controller, which will be a wireless and wired remote that attaches to the stadia box and will be required to play the games that come pre-installed on the console. The controller will also include Bluetooth so you can play games on any compatible device.


How do you feel when you see your smartphone, laptop, or tablet? Do you think about how much work you have to do to check and respond to emails, messages, and notifications? If you’re like most of us, you probably do. But what if you could have a “second screen” that wasn’t always attached to you?


3. Google Unlocked the Stadia Controller on All Devices in July

It was only a matter of time until Google released a controller for its upcoming game streaming service called Stadia. That’s why it comes as no surprise that Google announced today that the Google Stadia controller will be released for all Android mobile devices. In addition, Google confirmed the controller will be available for other operating systems in the coming months. The controller will come with Google Assistant built in, and will support voice commands and gesture controls. The controller will cost $79, and preorders will be available on November 4th. This is the first time a controller has been made available on all supported platforms for new technology.


4. New Stadia Controller Will Be Made Available in September

The new controller will come with a built-in 4K resolution display and voice-enabled assistant. The controller will also be compatible with Xbox One S, meaning that you won’t have to purchase an Xbox Elite or Elite X controller to play games in 4K.

This is one of the most exciting parts of this release, which is why we’re announcing it now. You’ll be able to pre-order the new controller in the coming weeks and it will arrive in stores in September.


5. Google Could Unlock Stadia Controller on Other Devices

So I’m pretty sure we can all agree that Google Stadia isn’t going to happen. I’m talking about the next best thing, though — Google’s Daydream virtual reality platform for Android phones. Google announced the Daydream platform and its controller last October. Since then, developers have started porting existing games and apps onto the platform. But Google is still yet to announce anything about Stadia…


Google just announced Stadia, a next-gen streaming game service. But what’s really interesting is that Google says Stadia will come to more devices and platforms than the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 that were available when the service launched. The company just posted a video to YouTube announcing the Stadia controller will work with Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. You’ll be able to play Stadia on Chromebooks and TVs too. Google says it plans to release more information about Stadia at GDC 2019. If you want to learn more about the Stadia service, check out our guide.


6. A Possible Stadia Controller Update Is Coming Soon

The Nintendo Switch might be getting a bit older, but it’s still one of the best gaming consoles out there, and its age hasn’t stopped it from being a major player in the industry. However, after three years of using it, it seems like the Nintendo Switch’s user interface has become a bit outdated and confusing for some, especially when compared to its more modern rivals. Well, as it turns out, the rumors about a potential update to the Nintendo Switch are true, and it looks like the company is already working on it.



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