Complete Guide to Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers have always been prescribed by several dentists in Canberra as a way to fix a wide plethora of dental problems. These Dental Veneers in Canberra have time and again proved themselves to be one of the most versatile tools that encourage teeth repair and rejuvenation.

In essence, veneers are nothing but paper-thin pieces of porcelain that can perfectly mimic the tooth enamel, thereby giving you a smile that you might have never achieved naturally.

In this blog post, you will be taking a look at the importance of dental veneers, the correct method of placing them, and how to use them that would amplify your quality of life. So, let’s start.

How are Dental Veneers placed?

First up, a dentist in Canberra will perform an initial consultation to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for Dental Veneers in Canberra. It is at this stage in this process that they perform an extensive evaluation of your teeth together with a smile analysis in order to find out the exact type of smile you are looking for.

In the next appointment, a small portion of the tooth enamel is shaved down, and that allows the Dental Veneers to fit easily on your tooth. Then, they make an impression on your teeth to design a custom veneer.

From the time period between which the custom veneer is being made to the time that it is finally placed in the mouth, a temporary set of dental veneers is placed in the mouth in order to ensure that you are not left with a tooth that’s non-functional.

Uses of Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers in Canberra find wide applications in fixing teeth that have been cracked, chipped, or broken. Dental crowns require a much greater amount of it in removing the natural enamel.

Porcelain veneers are also helpful to patients who are seeking to adjust their bite, whiten their teeth, and minimize or maximize the shape of their teeth.

Are Dental Veneers the right way to go for you?

How would you know whether or not Dental Veneers in Canberra will be the right solution for you? Well, never decide for yourself. The best course of action that you can take is you can schedule a consultation appointment with a professional dentist in Canberra and let them decide whether the process will be suitable for you or not.

Composite Veneers: All you need to know

Composite Veneers: What are they?

These are dental veneers that are made from composite dental materials. Just like any other type of veneers, Composite Veneers can efficiently cover up any tooth flaws such as:

  • Teeth with stubborn stains and yellow teeth
  • Tooth gaps that open up when you smile
  • Rough Tooth Enamel
  • Uneven tooth sizes
  • Chipped or worn edges of teeth

Uses of Composite Veneers

The working of Composite Veneers is just like porcelain veneers. They can be used on any tooth that you could otherwise get a porcelain veneer on. Composite Veneers are thin shells of materials that go over your natural tooth to cover up flaws.

It is typically a cosmetic treatment that primarily enhances the look of your front teeth. Make your smile look better by getting just one veneer or several, thereby boosting your confidence to a great extent.

The difference that even one veneer can make in your smile is sure to leave you spellbound.

Here, you should note that Composite Veneers can never substitute for a crown, where one is indicated. The function of a crown is to protect the whole teeth and provide it with adequate support and protection after it’s been structurally compromised. Whereas, with Composite Veneers, you won’t get any structural support as they are purely cosmetic in nature.

Cost of Composite Veneers

Composite Veneers are typically a cosmetic treatment and what this means is that they aren’t covered by dental insurance. This becomes quite challenging for many as veneers are a pretty expensive treatment. But there is good news for you. Composite Veneers are a lot cheaper than traditional porcelain veneers. They average out to around $250 to $1500 per tooth, but that would definitely depend on the dentist who does them.

Different rates are charged by the dentists for veneers and that is something that would depend on the area where they practice and their experience level. Yes, it’s true that Composite Veneers are made from a more affordable material,

but placing them properly requires a level of artistry and not all dentists have that. If a dental surgeon is highly skilled in creating these veneers than rival porcelain, he is definitely justified in charging high rates.


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