A Very Basic Hollow Knight Walkthrough

If you’ve never played Hollow Knight, then you’re in for a treat. Hollow Knight is an indie game funded via Kickstarter, for the most part. it’s a side scroller that pits you against all manner of diverse antagonists, who all exist in a rather dark, insect world.

To get started, we’ve crafted this elementary walkthrough as a guide, which should contain enough basic knowledge to complete the game. However, for those of you completionists out there, fear not, for we’ve also included a list of Hollow Knight resources to help you achieve 100 percent, final completion.

Kings Pass: An Introduction

Kings Pass is basically an introduction. You can begin to collect Geo’s which are this game’s currency. Collect as many as you can, as you need them for necessary purchases and to pay tolls. If you reach the alcove atop the last room you can get the bluish orb, which functions as an overheal.

Dartmouth: Your First Town

Keep hitting the gate to Dartmouth until it breaks. Enter Dartmouth, find the hole, and jump into it. In Dartmouth, visit Sly for the first time. Sly is a merchant and you’ll need him for items such as the Simple Key and Stalwart Shell. At this point, it’s wise to consider the start of farming as many Geos as you can.

Forgotten Crossroads: Where Gameplay Begins

Purchase a map from Conifer the Cartographer, which triggers Imelda to enter Dartmouth. As gameplay truly begins In the Forgotten Crossroads, take time to explore and ready yourself for your first boss, the False Knight. When finished, head to Greenpath.

  • Boss: False Knight – Defeat the False Night. Open the check for Geo.
  • Shaman: Gives you the Vengeful Spirit ability
  • Items to collect: Soul Catcher Charm
  • Greenpath: The Mothwing Cloak

Once in Greenpath, search for a tablet and an Elder Bug. Eliminate him and continue down the path. Greenpath is loaded with poison so tread with care. Hornet is standing on a ledge and will be your guide for a bit. Meet Zote and decide whether to assist him or not.

  • Boss: Hornet – Use Sly’s Stalwart Shell for added recovery time.
  • Ability: Mothwing Cloak – Obtained when you defeat Hornet.
  • Fungal Wastes: Get the Mantis Claw

Go through Fog Canyon to get to Queen’s Station, which has a Skagway Station and bench. Now, head to Fungal Wastes, and obtain a map from Conifer. When you encounter two large mushrooms to defeat. Once defeated you’ll get the Charm Notch and unlock doors. The seller, Leg Eater sells breakable charms.

Follow the map to Mantis Village, obtaining the lower bench before you enter and Dashmaster Charm. In Mantis Village, you’ll find the Mantis Claw in a mound of hooks. Next, head to the City of Tears.

  • Boss: Mantis Lords – Fighting him is optional. Beating him gains access to the Mantis Treasure room
  • City of Tears: Get the Desolate Dive Ability

There is a bridge, turn on its controls. Place the City Crest in the statue by the locked gate. The Enter City of Tears is the main city in Hollow Knight. Locate the Nailsmith to upgrade your nail to fight the Soul Master boss. Find the fountain and watch the cutscene progress. Note that some players go to Crystal Peak after the City of Tears, and others choose the Royal Waterways.

  • Boss: Soul Master – Teleports quickly
  • Ability: Desolate Dive – Obtained after beating Soul Master
  • Royal Waterways: A Labyrinth

The Simple Key you obtained from Sly in Dartmouth will unlock the Royal Waterways. Be prepared to battle enemies. Purchase a map, and activate the shortcut to Fungal Wastes if you wish.

  • Optional Boss: Flukemarm – Tough, almost unbeatable. If beat, the Flukenest Charm is unlocked.
  • Boss: Dung Defender – Beating him gives you the Defenders Crest Charm.
  • Crystal Peak: Get the Crystal Heart

First, purchase a map. Battle the Crystal Guardian to get access to a bench, and the ability to continue and find Crystal’s heart. Leave Crystal Peak via the map makers room. This takes you to Dartmouth.

  • Ability: Crystal heart which lets you traverse long distances.
  • Resting Grounds: Get the Dream Nail

Once in the Resting Grounds obtain the Dream Nail. Once you obtain the Dream Nail, you’ll find yourself near a seer who tells all of the Essence. Purchase pins to mark Warrior Graves and Essence Trees if you like. Leave to Dartmouth to get a map if necessary and leave for Ancient Basin.

  • Ancient Basin: Get the Double Jump

Get your map to Ancient Basin. Here, you’ll find Isma’s Tears, which make you immune to poison. Locate the boss, Broken Vessel. Once you beat the boss and get your Monarch Wings, head back to the City of Tears.

  • Boss: Broken Vessel
  • Ability: Monarch Wings give you the double jump
  • City of Tears: Destroy the First Mask

The Monarch Wings give you access to the Watcher’s Spire. Here is where you destroy one of the three masks. Once you defeat the Watcher Knights, find a room in the City of Tears with a bug sitting on a bed. Strike with your Dream Nail, and collect the essence.

  • Boss: Watcher Knights – These come in pairs.
  • deepest: Destroy the Second Mask

Before you enter DeepNest, you need to buy a light source from Sly in Dartmouth. Also, deepest is an underground tangle of tunnels, so you’ll need a map. Locate and obtain the Tram Pass which gives access to the lower areas. Locate and enter the Beast’s Den. Find the bug on the Alter, and use your Dream Nail to eliminate the essence. Head to Skagway Station, head to the Tram.

  • Kingdom’s Edge: Get the King’s Brand Ability
  • Access Kingdom’s Edge via the Tram. Purchase a map. Fight Boss Hornet again to obtain the King’s Brand ability. Next, head to the Tram for Ancient Basin.
  • Boss: Hornet – Beat and get the King’s Brand ability.
  • Ability: King’s Brand – Here, you can open gates that only open for the new ruler.
  • The Abyss: Get the Shade Cloak Ability

Enter The Abyss from the door in the Ancient Basin. The Shades will keep you busy. Open the gate using the King’s Brand ability. Use the Crystal Heart ability to travel to the lighthouse and get the Shade Cloak Ability by entering the black tar bowl. Head to the Queen’s Station.

  • Ability: Shade Cloak – Lets you quickly get through Abyss.
  • Fog’s Canyon: Destroy the Final Mask

Using the Shade Cloak to speed past the Abyss, locate the Teacher’s Archives where you’ll find the last mask. To do so, beat Boss Uumuu to gain access to the last dream, which unlocks the Black Temple. You are now close to battling the game’s final boss. Exit Fog Canyon and leave for Dartmouth.

  • Boss: Uumuu – Once Uumuu is defeated unlock the Black Temple
  • Forgotten Crossroads: The Conclusion

You made it! Leave Dartmouth for the Forgotten Crossroads and the Temple of the Black Egg. Enter the gate and meet your final boss, the Hollow Knight. Once he is beaten, you’ve beaten the game. When you beat the Hollow Knight, you then become him, to continue the curse. However, there are three possible endings. This is the basic ending, to unlock the other three, you may have to follow a completionist guide.

Additional Hollow Knight Resources

As this is to be considered a somewhat abbreviated walkthrough, designed to give you an idea of what to expect, we’ve included additional resources to turn to in case you require additional information:

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  • Miscellaneous Resources:
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Final Thoughts

Hollow Knight was developed by Team Cherry and is considered one of the finest examples of indie game development to come along in recent years. While this is a basic walk-through designed to give you an idea of what to expect, know that Hollow Knight is a detailed, open-world side scroller that demands much attention, especially from those who wish to achieve all three endings. After the initial release, Team Cherry released expansions, such as the Grimm Troupe and Godmaster.

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