8 Types Of Creative Blocks – How to Overcome It

A creative block can be a career-threatening problem for creative professionals. You can’t afford to lose your creativity when you depend on it to make ends meet and build your reputation.

Creative blocks are not all created equal. Different blocks require different solutions, something that can be easily forgotten when you feel stuck.

These are the eight most common creative blocks:

  1. Being convinced you are not creative.

This is a common block to creativity. This is a very common block to creativity. Be aware of it because it is a huge one. Also, remember that we all have an innate creative side.

  1. Personal problems

Focus is key to creativity. It can be difficult to focus if you are going through a divorce, dealing with toddlers, fighting an addiction, falling out with your best friend/grieving someone close/moving house/locked yourself in a dispute over a neighbour. You may be able to handle this type of situation one at a given time if you are lucky. However, troubles can often come in multiple.It is a good idea to connect with a top psychologist in India to help you deal with your problems.

  1. Making assumption

    In order to find new solutions or innovative approaches to a problem, or a particular situation, it is important not to make too many assumptions. If you don’t have enough evidence or solid facts to support your assumptions, it is important to quickly discard them.

  2. Following the rigid rules

    It is possible to limit the number and quality of creative ideas you generate by setting too many ground rules for brainstorming sessions. Creativity is tied to being open and free of expectations. It is more likely that a person will stick to the book and create predictable creative ideas.

  3. Being too serious

    Fun, laughter, and spontaneity are always associated with creativity. Sometimes people have the craziest ideas. It’s common for these ideas to spark laughter and even inspire others with more unique ideas. Being too serious is not conducive to creativity.

  4. Communication breakdown.

There are two sides to creative blocks: between people and between ears. Tensions in teams are inevitable and can hinder your ability to produce your best work, especially if you work with one of the ‘difficult people in your life. Sometimes, phantoms can block your ability to do your best work. This is simply imagining that critics and audiences will boo you.

  1. There is only one solution

    We can get stuck in a rut when we think there is only one solution to a problem. This makes it difficult to consider other options and prevents us from properly evaluating them. Flexibility is a key ingredient in creativity. Don’t fall for one idea and then fail to see the others. Take enough time to evaluate all options.

  2. Being wrong or avoiding risks is bad

    We don’t like to make mistakes, look bad or be wrong. However, we are able to come up with new and innovative ideas. Our ideas are evaluated and criticized by others, which can make it difficult for some to come up with something new. It’s okay to be wrong. We are all human and mistakes are normal. This is how we learn from our mistakes and not repeat them.

There are proven ways to spark inspiration and overcome creative blocks. These are some suggestions to overcome creative blocks.

  • Change your mind.

It can be a great idea to take a break from creative work. Be sceptical of your assumptions. Try something new or go somewhere else. Sleep enough! You should read as many books as possible, especially classics. Talk to people who are able to agree with you or offer an alternate point of view.

  • Take a step back and examine how you are working and what your pain points might be.

Are you not getting enough energy? You may feel overwhelmed by the freedom you have, so try to create more structure and order in your day. You don’t have to follow a routine if you feel restricted.

  • Go for a walk.

These ideas about the connection between creativity and walking have been scientifically supported. Stanford University conducted a 2014 study that found walking increases creativity by on average 60%. Creative inspiration was boosted by both indoor and outdoor walking.

Connecting with a mental health professional if you believe your lack of creativity may be due to underlying psychological and emotional problems is a smart decision. You can find many options by searching for Online Therapist India. Find the right therapist or counsellor for you and discover ways to improve your creativity and manage your problems.


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