5 tips to develop the visibility of your B2B blog

A B2B blog can have its interest, from the moment the right actions are carried out. It is also a way to speak on behalf of the brand, offer content with useful information, and therefore to be able to generate leads. You can take the services Best B2B Marketing Agency In Washington

Pair your publications with your presence on social networks

The different social networks each have their usefulness but also their particularity. Linkedin is ideal – a professional social network where it is good to be globally – to push blog articles (and on Pulse too). Twitter will also allow you, with its short publications, to highlight your blog posts. Even if this medium is “general public”, more and more “pro” and B2B users are using Twitter with this in mind. Facebook can also have its interest, it will depend on your field of activity, and your choice will depend on it.

Chase social media trends

If you adopt the right tools and the right platforms (Talkwalker, Brandwatch, Meltwater for example) you will be able to chase the right trends. These trends will inspire you to write relevant content. It can be a matter of bouncing off the news or finally reacting to the latest trend. All this to lead the good movement of your editorial line, to be at the forefront of B2B, and above all very relevant in your content proposal.

Take care of your text plan

We will talk more about “content marketing” in this part, indeed it is important to have a structured writing and layout plan. It is rather good to have an idea of ​​the editorial style but it must be adapted in a “web” way, to optimize referencing (SEO), and readability in particular. Structure your ideas with a specific text plan, your subtitles, and your paragraphs must be equal and neat. All with the use of appropriate keywords in the titles, and preferably at the beginning of these (better impact). These are criteria that will make readers come back and share your content on the web. Of course, also, select your images and videos with the greatest care.

UGC is a marketing lever that can be very relevant to developing your blog

User Generated Content can be a very effective lever to make your blog known. It’s a way for your readers to take your content and talk about it in an original way, so it becomes a pretty powerful lever for your brand or B2B company. To meditate also within the framework of your services and your business strategy.

The forum is not dead

Adding your links to the forums and engaging in conversation around your favorite topics is a good way to get your blog noticed. Contrary to what one might think, the effectiveness of this approach is still judicious. It can be seen as another source of promotion and also a great way to start a conversation around your blog posts.


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